Empathy & Team Leadership

Every company needs the commitment and determination of its greatest patrimony: the people… In this commitment, emotions play an indispensable role, because they are part of our vital nature and are something that we must protect, because their absence would lead us to destroy what is essential in all teamwork, the sense of belonging to it and the desire to contribute to their collective growth.

To despise the emotional links to focus solely on the results, leads us to a scenario in which people will act in a mechanical, thoughtless and selfish way. This will help to lose something fundamental in team leadership: motivation and empathy…

Empathy is a point of emotional union, it is one of the pillars where respect and trust are supported, the honest desire to help others in common benefit. It is our ability to let ourselves be affected by a situation that is alien to us and to allow that affectation to positively condition our position with that of the other people with whom we share the path and the objectives

Empathy is feeling and getting excited about the feelings and emotion of others. It is to want to understand the reason of the things, it is to want to help to repair, it is to let carry to understand, because it is the opposite to the prejudice, the opposite to contempt, the antithesis of the hatred… Empathy does not rhyme with fascism, or racism, or nationalism…, is our natural vaccine against intolerance, rejection, cynicism…

Empathy has nothing to do with the imposition of rules, but with that of dialogue for the agreement. Nor with the breaking of the established, but with reaching the understanding that helps us to value, love, share, reinforce ties and keep together along the way. Empathy helps us to relate to our surroundings, to interpret their reality correctly, to shape our attitude; it teaches us to fight together agains difficulties.

Empathy is not about imposing punishments, but of applying remedies, finding solutions and reaching consensus… Empathy is part of the energy we need to reach that point in space and time where we find the true meaning of our lives and our trajectory in it, where is the success of the shared mission. But in the same way that in life, the true mission is not in reality that which is dictated in a book of norms, nor is the one that covers the shadow of a great flag, nor even that which dictates a great thinker, nor that which defends to the extreme a great patriot willing to be immolard by it…

The meaning of what we do, our reasons, our passion for bringing our desires to make them reality, are not justification for putting them before the meaning, reason and passion of those who share with us the way. What good is my reason if that reason does not serve positively others?. What sense has a dogmatic rule if it does not add value to the common project?.

We all have a mission, a project in life that sometimes it’ hard to be understood by the rest, but that should actually have a single sense…, to provide value to help others to get over theirs and move forward together towards achieving a collective goal…: to improve and grow.


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